Interior Fiberglass Wall Panels

Balcony wall
Curved fiberglass furniture panel
Decorative curved counter with translucnet flat fiberglass
Decorative interior walls
Decorative screws for interior wall
Decorative stairway translucent panel
Flat panel counter cover
Interior translucent wall divider
Interior wall
Translucent clear fiberglass interior wall divider
Wall divider

Decorative Translucent Panel Applications

Translucent panels provide decorative interior partition walls providing various affects such as a shoji screen look, illuminated walls or as a light diffuser.

Examples of translucent panels used to provide privacy and still allow light to diffuse into the space can be seen are the right. The effects are limited only by your imagination.

Decorative Opaque Fiberglass Panels

Panels may also be used for creative furniture designs or as a counter protection. Mar, impact and scuff resistant, these opaque fiberglass are both attractive and highly durable in a highly trafficked public area.

Other Opaque Panel Applications

Mar, corrosive, mildew, impact and scuff resistant, opaque fiberglass interior wall panels provide a perfect barrier for many applications including sanitary wall coverings in bathrooms and kitchen areas, car and truck wash wall liners, agricultural buildings including dairy barns and livestock walls , refrigeration rooms, wainscoting and scuff liners to protect the inside of truck walls and buildings.

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