Fiberglass Skylight Panels

Translucent fiberglass roof panels are durable and energy friendly

Why pay for what nature provides for free?

Interior view skylight panel
Skylight panel installation on  roof curb
Translucent Clear panel interior view

Our fiberglass skylights provide the perfect green roof solution to meet your building lighting requirements

Translucent reinforced corrugated fiberglass skylight panels substantially reduce the amount of artificial illumination and electricity needed to light the inside of your building.

Fiberglass Skylight Panel Applications

Translucent reinforced corrugated fiberglass skylight panels are ideal for:

Design Your Own Skylight

Why pay five or six hundred dollars for a traditional bubble dome skylight when you can do it yourself with fiberglass for a fraction of the price? Great for warehouses, garages, and other large spaces, Dipcraft can help you with an innovative new design to put together your own fiberglass skylight.

A blast of natural light will significantly brighten up your space. Traditional bubble dome skylights consist of a flat frame upon which a dome of plexiglass is placed. Our design utilizes an inclined frame with a flat piece of corrugated, translucent fiberglass. Closure rubber is then used to seal the fiberglass in order to keep moisture out. White translucent fiberglass panels give 65% light transmission, reflecting heat and providing a soft, scattered light.

Specifications can be adjusted for any size you need. We can provide double-wide A-grade panels for extra-large skylights not available in the traditional design. We will be happy to help you with specific design measurements, and to supply your fiberglass, which will last more than 20 years!

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