Fiberglass Roof Panels

Our fiberglass roof panels are ideal for skylight panels, greenhouses, warehouses, and more

Why pay for what nature provides for free?

Car wash interior view
Interior view garden center
Opaque gray roof panel
Roof panels with fiberglass ridge cap
Translucent and opaque roof panels
Translucent clear panel interior view
Typical buiding roof application

Our translucent fiberglass panels provide the perfect green roof solution to meet your building lighting requirements.

Translucent panels provide the perfect green roof solution to meet your building lighting requirements; substantially reducing the amount of artificial illumination and electricity needed to light the inside of your building.

Fiberglass roofing panels are more dimensionally stable than competing materials such as PVC or Polycarbonate.

Fiberglass roofing panels can be used over a much broader temperature range without
concern of warpage, excessive expansion and contraction or cracking and brittleness
commonly associated with these competing products.

Choose from a range of colors and strengths.

Panels are available in various strengths and colors depending upon your particular application and budget. These range anywhere from our economical agricultural grade panels to our extra strong, woven roving reinforced industrial grade panels where strength, impact resistance and walkability is important.

Fiberglass roofing is suitable for use in highly corrosive environments.

Fiberglass roofing panels are suitable for use in highly corrosive environments where exposure to chemicals or saltwater is a concern, are UV resistant to sun exposure and can be made with fire retardants if required.

Fiberglass panels are perfect for many types of roofs.

Translucent reinforced corrugated fiberglass roof panels are ideal for:

Opaque fiberglass panels can also be used for roofing.

Opaque fiberglass panels provide an ideal roof covering over plywood or rafters and purlins thus eliminating the need for a built up roofing membrane such as rubber or shingles.

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